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Our students never stop learning. We stay future-minded by teaching you about emerging technologies and combining them with the skills you need to succeed – today and tomorrow. You’ll be career ready the moment you walk across the stage to collect your degree. At Shawnee State, your education is uniquely around. Students never feel like a number. Each Shawnee State Bear can find their place here with student and faculty collaboration, student organizations and leadership opportunities.

Digital Simulation and Game Programming

A degree in Game Programming will open a world of possibilities. You’ll learn to build your own operating system and game engines, optimize your programs and hone your skills in team-based classes. Through class projects and quarterly Game Jams, you’ll gain experience collaborating with team members — something that is critical in the game industry.

You’ll also build a strong background in design, computer science, and programming. These are skills that give you a competitive advantage in many fields. In fact, Shawnee State graduates are making names for themselves as programmers and software engineers throughout the gaming industry, as well as many other industries including health care, government and technology.

Graduates of this degree program are able to work as game/simulation programmers, designers, and architects. The breadth of the graduates’ education allows them to also understand, appreciate, and participate in the entire game/simulation production process, but from a programmer’s perspective. Additionally, the strong computer science, computer engineering, and programming component of the degree allows graduates to obtain careers in many non-game related fields of computing.



  • BFA in Game and Simulation Development Arts
  • BS in Digital Simulation and Gaming Engineering Technology


  • Call of Duty, CS:GO, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League

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