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CU Offers Esports and Academic Gaming Programs

CU Gaming
CU Gaming was first founded in December 2015 by a team of passionate Counter-Strike players who wanted to represent Buffs in online competitions. They were a small group, but they had the passion and drive to create a grassroots organization focused on esports. With the organization continuing to grow and the united focus on creating a home for all gamers at the University of Colorado Boulder, CU Gaming strived to continue to be one of the communities on the campus.

With the addition of new games, more events, and passionate staff members, CU Gaming has grown to be one of the largest student organizations within the University of Colorado system of schools with more than 600 students participating online. Our events continue to be extremely successful and a great way to meet new people and walk away with an experience you can’t get anywhere else on campus. Our esports teams are proud to represent the Buffaloes just like any varsity or club sports team and strive to create the best teams while focusing on healthy game/life balance and practice regimen.

MS Focus on Game Design and Development

Focus on game design and development in the Creative Industries track of the ATLAS Institute master’s program in creative technology and design.

ATLAS Institute

ATLAS is an interdisciplinary institute for radical creativity and invention. We transform ingenious ideas into reality through research, experimentation and critical thinking. With labs and academic programs that inspire out-of-the-box ideas and creative exploration, ATLAS is a vibrant and exciting community of technology visionaries who reach beyond convention, take risks and innovate.

Sports Media Minor

The new interdisciplinary minor in Sports Media at the CU Boulder College of Media, Communication and Information offers students the freedom to explore many aspects of one of the largest industries in the world. The minor harnesses the strength of all of CMCI’s academic departments to deliver an introduction to numerous fields in the sports industry such as sports journalism, promotion and publicity, the economics of the industry, and sports media relations.

This minor allows students the opportunity to study sports as culture, as communication, as an industry and as a social force. All CU Boulder undergraduates, regardless of college, school or major, will be able to earn a minor that complements their major degree with a set of sports-related courses.



  • Minor in Sports Media
  • Master in Game Design and Development (ATLAS)


  • Club Esports
    • Fortnite, Rocket League, Valorant
  • Competitive Esports
    • Rocket League
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