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Empowering students, gamers, creative minds and college advisors to find the perfect program to enter the worlds of professional gaming and esports.

Majoring in Gaming provides tools and tips as you explore virtually limitless educational options. Explore world-class game design schools, simulation arts programs, animation degrees, esports teams and more. We’re part of your multiplayer team when it comes to navigating the world of academic programs and choosing the track that’s perfect for you.

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We created Majoring in Gaming because there was a need for a dynamic and comprehensive site for people exploring their options for gaming and esports programs. This site also highlights resources for scholarships (academic and esports), internships and career tracks. Please let us know if we’re missing something, and we’ll keep remastering. Game on!

– Chris Cook & Vicki Purslow, Founders

Chris & Vicki game design schools

Who We Are

Chris Cook game design schools

Name: Chris Cook
Gamertag: KneeDipper
Hometown: Brockport, NY
Profession: Marketing consultant, coach and adjunct professor
Favorite activities: Telemark skiing, improving at pickleball and traveling to new places
Best advice for students looking for the right gaming program: Pick a school in a location you love. Enjoy your favorite local extracurricular activities. Try to get an internship nearby and you can live the dream.
Profile: Chris Cook has more than three decades of experience in marketing, specializing in higher education. She is an adjunct professor for Southern Oregon University’s MBA program and speaker for the university’s Professional Development Program. Chris has a BS in communication and a master in management.

Dr. Vicki Purslow game design schools

Name: Vicki Purslow
Gamertag: DoctorChicken
Hometown: San Leandro, CA
Profession: College professor and co-owner of the ‘Majoring In’ websites
Favorite activities: Grooving on my vintage saxophone, playing recreational pickleball, and raising goats and chickens
Best advice for students looking for the right program: Meet with the professors and coaches at the game design schools and universities where you are most serious about attending. You want to be sure they are a good fit for your style and interests.
Profile: Dr. Vicki Purslow, author of Cash for College, has presented numerous workshops to assist high school students and their families locate scholarship opportunities. She has 30 years’ experience as a professor and administrator in community colleges and universities and has presented and published numerous research studies on college student enrollment trends. Dr. Purslow earned an EdD from University of the Pacific and a certificate in Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching from CRR Global.

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Special thanks to University of Utah student Seth Doubek. Much of the research to gather program information was a summer project while under COVID restrictions, in between classes in quantum physics, calculus and Mandarin language studies.